Samson Concert 88x Wireless Headset Microphone System

Samson Concert 88x Wireless Headset Microphone System


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Samson Concert 88x Wireless Headset Microphone System

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Ideal for instructors, presenters, worship leaders, and dancing singers, the Samson Concert 88x Wireless Headset Microphone System offers straightforward operation and quality performance. It features a bodypack transmitter, the HS5 headset mic, and a tabletop true-diversity receiver with XLR and 1/4″ outputs and a rackmount kit.

With 100 available frequencies, simple syncing via IR, and one-touch automatic frequency scanning, you can quickly get started and find a strong channel. Two AA batteries (available separately) will power the microphone for up to eight hours, and the mic’s power switch doubles as a handy mute function. If you move beyond the system’s 300′ line-of-sight operating range, the integrated tone key and auto mute functions mitigate transmission of undesired noise.

User-Friendly Operation
The Concert 88x system is designed for easy setup and reliable operation. Its true-diversity design minimizes dropouts while tone key and auto mute functions prevent unwanted noise when the transmitter is off or out of range. By operating from 542 to 566 MHz in the UHF spectrum, it avoids interference from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals.
Bodypack Transmitter with Headset Microphone
The CB88 bodypack transmitter connects to the included HS5 headset condenser microphone, which features an adjustable form-fitting headband and a unidirectional polar pattern to reduce the pickup of ambient noise—perfect for active performers and instructors.

Two AA batteries (available separately) can power the transmitter for up to eight hours of operating time. Use the power switch to mute the mic between performances or turn it off for battery conservation.

Beneath the battery cover, you’ll find a plastic screwdriver for adjusting the transmitter’s input sensitivity. Generally avoid the maximum gain setting as it can cause distortion when the mic is used on loud sources.
CR88x Tabletop Receiver
The tabletop receiver includes a rackmount kit for easy installation in an equipment rack or road case. Its balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4″ outputs enable proper hookup to mixers, audio recorders, and PA systems.
System Features
UHF wireless system
100 operating channels across 25 MHz bandwidth
Up to eight systems can be used simultaneously per frequency band (region dependent)
300′ operating range (line-of-sight)
One-touch automatic frequency scan finds the best operating channel
Two-digit LED display on receiver
Infrared link locks the receiver and transmitter to the same channel

UPC: 809164222774

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