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Epiphone’s Inspired by Gibson Collection Standard and Custom

 $699 and $799

Fender – Tom DeLonge Signature – Stratocaster® Electric Guitar – Rosewood Fingerboard – Daphne Blue or Surg Green– w/ Deluxe Gigbag $1299

Fender Vintera II ‘50s Jazzmaster Sonic Blue $1,249.99

Vintera® II '60s Bass VI, Rosewood Fingerboard, Fiesta Red $1399

Jeff Beck Stratocaster®, Rosewood Fingerboard, Olympic White $2099

Tim Armstrong Hellcat, Walnut Fingerboard, Checkerboard $459

American Professional II Precision Bass®, Mercury $1749

Buddy Guy Standard Stratocaster®, Polka Dot Finish $1149

JS-AG100 A Frame stand for acoustic or electric Reg. $36.99

Sale $17.99

JS-AG75 A-Frame Wire Guitar Stand with Five Width Positions Reg. $19.99

Sale $11.99

Tripod Mic Stand with Fixed-Length Boom Reg. 32.99

Sale $23.99

JS-XS300 keyboard stand X style Reg. $34.99

Sale $21.99

JS-SB100 keyboard/musicians bench folding Reg.62.99 $

Sale $34.99

Universal Audio effects pedals

The entire line of Universal Audio effects pedals is now available thru

Victor Litz Music. Universal Audio effects pedals and interfaces..

Boss DS-1W Waza Craft Distortion Pedal $149.99  $50 off

Boss DC-2W Waza Craft Dimension C Pedal $219.99

Boss DD-200 Digital Delay Pedal $249.99

Boss DD-3T Digital Delay Guitar Effect Pedal $154.99

Boss HM-2W Waza Craft Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal $149.99

Boss ME-90 Guitar Multi-effects Pedal $349.99

Boss OC5 Octave Pedal $157.99

Boss RC5 looper $199.99

Boss RC5 looper $199.99

Boss RC-500 Loop Station Compact Phrase Recorder Pedal $349.99

Boss RC-600 Loop Station Looper Pedal $599.99

Boss SY-200 Guitar Synthesizer Pedal $299.99

We made a special purchase on some open box models

LsL pedals great distortions and overdrive pedals from $200

Claro Boost $200

Lucid OD $229

OG-OD $200

Vital DS $200

Steinberger Spirit 4 String Bass Yellow w/Bag $479.00

Steinberger Spirit Bass White w/ Bag $449.00

Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe Electric Guitar Black $399.00

Steinberger Spirit GT-PRO Deluxe Electric Guitar in Hot Rod Red $429.00

Steinberger Spirit GT-Pro Deluxe White Electric Guitar w/ Bag $399.00

Steinberger Spirit XT2 Standard Bass Frost Blue W/Gig Bag $479.00

Pignose 7-100 Legendary Portable Amp Brown Amp 5 Watts $139.95

Pignose 7-100 Legendary Portable Amp Brown Amp 5 Watts $139.95

Pignose 7-100 Special Edition 50th Anniversary $149.95

Pignose 7-100 Legendary Portable Amp Tweed $149.95

Pignose 7-200 Hog 6.5" 20-Watt Guitar Combo Amp $229.95

Pignose 7200/7300 Ac Adapter $28.95

Pignose Guitar Black PGG-259 BK w/Soft Case $339.95

Pignose Guitar Brown Sunburst w/ Soft Bag PGG-200 BS $329.95


Pignose WIreless Headset Lavalier Combo $29.99

Pignose WIreless Microphone $24.99

Stagg kalimba electric pro model with case and hammer $119.99

Stagg Kalimba Kids Tune Black $58.99

Stagg Kalimba Kids Tune Blue $58.99

Stagg Kalimba Kids Tune Natural $58.99

Stagg Kalimba Kids Tune Red $58.99

Stagg Kalimba Pro Mahogany $89.99

Ibanez EHB1000S 4-String Headless Bass - Sea Foam Green $1,099.99

Ibanez GIO GRG121SP Electric Guitar - Black Night $299.99

Ibanez Gio GRGA120QA - Transparent Black Sunburst $299.99

Ibanez Gio GRGA120QA - Transparent Blue Burst $299.99

Ibanez Gio GRX70QATKS - Transparent Black Sunburst $199.99

Ibanez Grg Black Flat Guitar $249.99

Ibanez GRG7221QA 7-String Electric Guitar Trans Blue Burst $279.99

Ibanez GRX70QA Electric Guitar Transparent Blue Burst $199.99

Ibanez Ichika Signature ICHI10 - Vintage White Matte $999.99

Ibanez Kiko Loureiro Signature Guitar Trans Emerald Burst $499.99

Ibanez Q52 Electric Guitar - Antique Brown Stained $1,099.99

Ibanez Q547 7-string Blue Chameleon Metallic Matte $1,099.99

Ibanez Standard BTB746 Bass Guitar - Natural Low Gloss $999.99

Ibanez Steve Vai Signature Guitar JEMJRSP Pink $499.99

Ibanez Steve Vai Signature JEMJR - Black $499.99

Ibanez Tmb30 black Talman Bass Black $229.99

Ibanez TMB35 Talman 5-String Electric Bass Mint Green $299.99

Tim Henson Signature

Ibanez TOD10N Tim Henson Signature Nylon Acoustic-electric $699.99

Ibanez Tube Screamer Pedal TS808HW $379.99

Eastman AR503ce Archtop Classic / Hand-Carved Top w/Case $1,499.00

Eastman AR503CE-SB Sunburst Carved Top Sunburst Archtop $1,499.00

Eastman AR580CE-HB Archtop Honeyburst Finish w/Case $1,899.99

Eastman E10D-TC-SB Dreadnought Thermo Cured Acoustic $1,499.00

Eastman E1D Dreadnought w/ Deluxe Bag $579.00

Eastman E1SS Sunburst with Deluxe Padded Gig Bag $579.00

Eastman E1SS Sunburst with Deluxe Padded Gig Bag $579.00

Eastman E6D-TC Natural Thermocure Acoustic Guitar w/Case $1,099.00

Eastman E6OM-TC Thermo-Cured Sitka Spruce Orchestra Model $1,099.00

Eastman E8D-TC Acoustic Guitar (Thermo-Cured) w/Case $1,359.00

Eastman Mandolin MD515 F-Style Classic Finish w/Case $1,299.00

Eastman MD305 Mandolin A-style Hand Carved w/ Bag $629.00

Eastman Octo Mandolin w/Gig Bag $919.00

Eastman Octo Mandolin w/Gig Bag $919.00

Eastman Pch1 Dreadnaught Acoustic w/Bag $349.00

Eastman PCH1-GACE Classic Stain w/Bag $399.00

Eastman PCH1-OM Orchestra model $349.00

Eastman PCH2-GACE-BK - Black Top w/Bag $479.00

Eastman Pch2OM-BK Acoustic Guitar - Black w/Bag $429.00

NUX Mighty Air Stereo Wireless Modeling Guitar Amp with Bluetooth $189.00

NUX MG-400 Amp Modeler Pedal with Effects $219.00

Many other Nux (pronounced New X) in stock

Turntables and records

Crosley Radio C100A Turntable (Silver)  $    229.95

Crosley Radio C100A Turntable (Silver)  $    229.95

Don't forget Victor Litz Music sells new and used

home audio and used vinyl.

D'Addario dBud Premium Hearing Protection For Musicians  $54.99

Hearos Hi Fi Earplugs Pair HR211  $14.99


PDP Concept Aluminum Snare Drum 5x14 Brushed Aluminum $429.99

PDP Concept Maple Classic Snare Drum 14x6.5 - Walnut/Natural $299.99

PDP Concept Maple Snare Drum - 5.5 x 14 Satin Charcoal Burst $279.99

PDP Concept Steel Snare Drum - 6.5 x 14 inch $229.99

PDP High Torque Drum Key - Yellow $6.99

PDP PDAXSW2013 13" 20-strand Snare Wire $10.99

PDP PDCB710 700 Series Lightweight Boom Cymbal Stand $59.99

PDP PDDP712 700 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal $159.99

PDP PDDT710R Drum Throne - Round $69.99

PDP PDHH713 700 Series Hi-hat Stand - 3-leg $69.99

PDP PDSP710 700 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal $79.99

PDP PDSPCO Concept Chain Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal $149.99

PDP PDSS710 700 Series Lightweight Snare Stand $59.99

PDP Quick Release Wing Nuts - 8mm - 2-pack $9.99


DW DRUMS DWSM101 Two Way Beater - Smart Pack $22.99

DW DRUMS DWSM101 Two Way Beater - Smart Pack $22.99

DW DWCP3100 3000 Series Throne $119.99

DW DWCP3500TA 3000 Series Hi-hat Stand - 2-leg $199.99

DW DWCP5000AD4 5000 Series Accelerator Single Bass Pedal $249.99

DW DWCP5300 5000 Series Snare Stand - Double Braced $189.99

DW DWCP5700 5000 Series Boom Cymbal Stand $179.99

DW DWSM799 SM912 Cymbal Arm w/SM798 DogBone Clamp $129.99

DW Top and Bottom Cymbal Felts - 2 pair $11.99

DW Top and Bottom Cymbal Felts - 2 pair $11.99

DW XF 5000 Series Hi Hat Stand Heavy Duty Delta II 2-Leg $369.99

Epiphone Dave Mustaine Flying V Custom with case - Black  $ 1,399.00

We have about a million other Epiphones in stock.

Seymour Duncan Brad Paisley's La Brea Pickup Set $198.00

Seymour Duncan Custom SH-5 $99.00

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails Neck Black SHR-1N $99.00

Seymour Duncan Invader SH-8 $109.00

Seymour Duncan JB Model Bridge SH-4 $99.00

Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Pickup Set Nickle Cover $258.00

Seymour Duncan SH-1N '59 Model Neck Humb - Nickel Cover $119.00

Seymour Duncan STL-1B Vintage Broadcaster Tele Bridge Pickup $89.00

Seymour Duncan Wes Hauch's Jupiter Humbucker Pickup - Bridge $139.00

Fender Locking Tuning Machines Set $99.99

Fender Standard Series Telecaster Bridge Assembly $29.99

Fender Texas Special Strat Pickups Custom Shop Set of 3 $269.99

Fender Texas Special Tele Pickups set of 2 $219.99

DiMarzio Pickups

We have Dimarzio pickups in stock and we just ordered more.

Some great new Kala ukuleles in stock!

Kala Courage Mahogany Concert Ukulele w/Bag $99.00

Kala Courage Mahogany Tenor Ukulele w/Bag $129.00

Kala Guidance Mahogany Concert Ukulele w/Bag $99.00

Kala Guidance Mahogany Tenor Ukulele w/Bag $129.00

Kala Hawaiian Koa Satin Concert Ukulele $299.00

Kala Hawaiian Koa Satin Tenor Ukulele $329.99

Kala KA-ASCP-T Tenor Uke Solid Cedar Top/Pau Ferro B&S "Ferrari" $379.

Kala Kazctc Concert Ukulele - Gloss Ziricote $259.00

Kala Solid Mahogany Tenor Acoustic-Electric Uke - Gloss Natural $389.00

Kala UBASS-SB-TB-FS Solid Body Tobacco Burst Ubass "Archer" $349.00

Kala Unity Mahogany Concert Ukulele w/Bag $99.00

Kala Unity Mahogany Tenor Ukulele w/Bag $129.00

Korg TM60-BK Tuner metronome the best you can buy $29.99

Latin Percussion Lp713mr World Beat Wood Art Medium Djembe Red $99.99

Latin Percussion Studio Series Bar Chimes $139.99

LP Aspire Timbales $299.99

LP Bongos City Natural LP601NY-AW $126.99

LP City Series 10" / 11" Conga Set w/ Stand Dark Wood $399.99



LP Conga Stand Basket $89.99

LP Cowbell Black Beauty W/ 1/2" Mount LP204AN $39.99

LP Cyclops Handheld Tambourine Black LP150 $39.99


Lp Discovery Bongo Onyx Black $99.99

Lp Discovery Bongo Race Blue $99.99

Lp Discovery Bongo Sea Foam Black $99.99

Lp Discovery Bongo Sonic Blue $99.99


LP Mambo Cowbell LP229 $49.99

LP Red Twist Shaker - Loud $19.99

LP Scraper Merenuge $14.99

LP Twist Shaker Medium LP441T-M $19.99

LP Yellow Twist Shaker - Soft $19.99


Manuel Rodriguez ACADEMIA Serie AC40 4/4 Classical $599.00

Manuel Rodriguez ACADEMIA Serie AC60 4/4 Classical Cedar $599.00

Manuel Rodriguez ECOLOGÍA Series E-65 4/4 size Classical $360.00

Manuel Rodriguez MAGISTRAL Serie Palisander all solid woods $979.00

Manuel Rodriguez SUPERIOR Serie B Eukalypus Classical $769.00

Manuel Rodriguez TRADICÍON Serie T-65 4/4 Classical $399.00

Martin D-28 Standard Dreadnought Acoustic Natural W/Case $3,199.00

Martin GPC-16E Mahogany Grand Performance Acoustic-Electric $1,949.00

Martin HD28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar W/ Case 2018 $3,399.99

Martin M-36 Standard Grand Auditorium Acoustic Aged Toner $3,499.00

We have many other Martin guitars new, used and vintage IN-STOCK!

Special Martin Financing available.

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal $159.00

TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Polyphonic LED Guitar Tuner Pedal $119.99

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip Clip-on Polyphonic Tuner $59.99

TC Electronic Polytune3 Mini Tuner $119.99

Used gear that has just come in to us in the last few days

Used Bach Stradovarius Model 36 Trombone W/F Rotor & Case $1,399.99

Used Boss DS1 40th anni. black $109.99

Used Boss Katana 50 MKii Combo Amp $199.99

Used Breedlove Wildwood Concert Whiskey Burst $449.99

Used Cort Z24 Zenox SB Flam Maple $174.99

Used Ernie Ball VP Jr. Volume Pedal $74.99

Used Fender Player Telecaster MIM BLK $749.99

Used Gibson Les Paul Studio Tangerine w Case $1,199.99

Used Gibson Les Paul Studio brown w/case $1,099.99

Used Ibanez GRX20 Gio BLack Night $129.99

Used Jackson JS2 Dinky Archtop satin black $199.99

Used Jackson JS32 Dinky Dark Sunburst $299.99

Used Marshall MG30Gfx Combo $169.95

Used Michael Kelly Hourglass Phoenix $699.99

Used PRS SE black and grey faded $425.00

Used Schecter Damien-6 Electric Guitar - Flat Black $279.99

Used Traveler Guitar Travelcaster Surf Green with bag $199.99

Used Yamaha FD01S Solid Top Steel String Acoustic Guitar $129.99

Great batch of used Zildjian cymbals

Used Ovation double neck w/case $1400

Used Roland Gk2a midi synth pickup $99

Used Revox M 3500 Microphone with clip and cable $299

Used Revox M 3500 Microphone with clip - Silver $249

Used Eastman PCH2-OM Acoustic Guitar - Natural $329

Used Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal $59.99

Used Line 6 XD-V30 - Handheld Wireless Mic System $139

Used Guild D-50 Acoustic Guitar 1977 - Natural with Case $2799

Used Boss CH-1 Super Chorus - Blue Label $99

Used Boss CS-2 Compression Sustainer Black Label Made in Japan $129

Used Ibanez DDL20 Digital Delay III 1980's $109

Used BC Rich BR-40 Acoustic Guitar 1990's - Natural with Case $699

Used Ibanez S Series Iron Label SIX6DFM - Blue Space Burst $599

Used Olds Super Trumpet 1947 - Flat Brass (Refinished) $1099

Used Eberhard Meinel 4/4 Cello German w/Bow and SKB Case Vintage $1499

Victor Litz Music is thrilled to announce our spectacular participation in this year's Christmas and Black Friday sales extravaganza! Brace yourselves for a festive symphony of extra special discounts, exclusive offers, and special financing options on all your favorite musical instruments and equipment.

Looking to surprise a loved one with their dream guitar? Or maybe it's time to upgrade your trusty old keyboard? Our incredible holiday deals will make your musical wishes come true without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned for updates on the incredible savings and melodic surprises coming your way. Make this holiday season a melodious celebration with Victor Litz Music!


Come join us in spreading the joy of music this Christmas season!

Band and Orchestra Instrument SALE

Save 50%

We recently bought out another music store of all of their band and orchestra instruments and accessories.

There are nearly 1000 in this batch to sell. This is a list of what we have gone thru so far.

In addition to the brass and woodwinds we have a good 400 to 500 violins, violas new and recent rentals complete with case and bow etc. sale priced from $199 each or buy 10 or more $125, These are good German intermediate rental instruments. Scherl and Roth and others.

We have dozens of student cellos from $299 again complete with gig bag and bows set up ready to play. About 10 to 20 upright basses $750 to $2000.

We are really looking for a school or music program that can buy some of these in qty. Even another music store that needs to resupply their rental fleet.

Then we got thousands of band instrument accessories. Crazy amounts of reeds all the expensive synthetic models, upgrade models, lots of all the fancy Selmer mouthpieces, tons and tons of violin, cello and bass strings student level and pro stuff singles and sets. Every mute, snake, swab, care kit, marching lyres etc.  We can sell most of these accessories at 50% OFF if you mention this offer and maybe buy a good amount.

  • Selmer USA CL201 Wooden Bb Clarinet - Black Used – Excellent Original Price $1,999 Sale Price $999.50
  • A.R. Seildel 4/4 Violin Outfit - Natural Used – Excellent condition $699
  • StringWorks 4/4 Violin outfit Used – Good condition $599
  • King Model 1120 Melophone - Brass Used – Mint Original Price $1,799 Sale Price$899.50
  • Kay 1/4 size Upright Bass 1966 - Brown Used – $1,999
  • Selmer 1432 - bassoon Satin brushed finish or shiney polished finsih 4 to sell Original Price $6,302 Sale Price $3,151
  • Selmer 204C1 Contra-Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece New-old stock Original Price $299.99 Sale Price $149.99
  • Selmer S80 C* Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece New-old Stock Original Price $199.99 Sale Price $99.99
  • Selmer AS210 Intermediate Alto Saxophone 50% off Original Price $2,200 Sale Price$1100
  • Selmer Omega MG288 Alto Saxophone New - Old Stock 50% OFF Brand New Original Price $2,200 Sale Price$1,100
  • Bach TR200S Series Bb Trumpet 2018 - Silver-Plated  Original Price$2,159 Sale Price $1,079.50
  • Selmer 1492b Oboe - 50% off new old stock Original Price $3,615 Sale Price $1,807.50
  • Selmer 1400b Clarinet student American made Original Price $499 Sale Price $249.50
  • Bucharest 4/4 Violin with Deluxe Case modle 4KF-1 Brand New Original Price $1,145 Sale Price $572.50
  • Armstrong 303B-OS Flute / 204 Piccolo Combo New - Old Stock 50% OFF Brand New Original Price $1,999.99 Sale New Price  $999.99
  • Selmer 200C1 E Flat Clarinet Mouthpiece Original Price$139.99 Sale Price $69.99
  • Armstrong 307 Piccolo - Black/Silver Original Price$999 Sale Price $499.50
  • Emerson Soloist 100G Artist series Open Hole Flute - Silver, engraved Gold lip plate Original Price$2,299 Sale Price $1,149.50
  • Armstrong Model 80 Open Hole Flute New - Old Stock with gold lip plarte 50% OFF Brand New Original Price $1,895 Sale Price $947.50
  • Jupiter JCL-731INT-25 Grenadilla Wood Clarinet 25th Anniversary 50% OFF Brand New Original Price$999.99 Sale Price $499.99
  • Jupiter JOB355 Jupiter 355 Oboe w/ ABS Body 50% OFF Brand New Original Price $2,250 Sale Price $1,125
  • Bach TR300H2 Student Trumpet - Brass Lacquer 50% OFF Brand NewTop Product Original Price $1,716 Sale Price $858
  • King 601 Standard Bb Trumpet - Brass Lacquer 50% OFF Brand New Original Price $1,716 Sale Price $858
  • Selmer (Paris) Standard Series Alto Clarinet Mouthpiece - C* NEW OLD STOCK Brand New Original Price$149.99 Sale Price$74.99
  • Bach 42 Stradivarius trombone F rotor Original Price$4,502 Sale Price$2,251 $2,251

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open 7 days a week 301-948-7478

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