Mapex Rebel 5 Piece Drum Kit Brand New 50% OFF

Mapex Rebel 5 Piece Drum Kit Brand New 50% OFF


Mapex Rebel 5 Piece Drum Kit Brand New 50% OFF

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Mapex Rebel 5 Piece Drum Kit Brand New 50% OFF

We recently made a special purchase on a large amount of drums from the Mapex and Sonor drum distributors.  Now all 50% OFF.  Shipping is estimated at $100 per drum set.  Local pick up no extra charge.  We can also build the drum sets for you no extra charge.

This Rebel by Mapex drum set with an 18″ bass drum.  Great as a jazz drum set or for the younger beginner.  It is designed to make the first experience playing drums one to always remember. The set comes equipped with stands, cymbals, throne, pedals and sticks. The shells are poplar for plenty of tone and the 18 bass drum delivers solid low end punch while keeping the toms at a low height for the youngest of players.

Included:18 INCH x16 INCH Bass Drum (w/ Mount), 10 INCH x7 INCH & 12 INCH x8 INCH Toms, 14 INCH x12 INCH Floor Tom, 14 INCH x5 INCH Snare, Floor Tom Legs (x3), TH6215 Tom Holder, C200-RB Cymbal Stand, H200-RB Hi-Hat, P200-RB Pedal, S200-RB Snare Stand, T200-RB Throne, 14 INCH Hi-Hat Cymbal & 16 INCH Crash / Ride Cymbal

  • The Rebel by Mapex 5 piece set includes a short 10 and 12 rack toms, short 14 floor toms for quick response and tone, 14snare drum and a 18 bass drum. The short toms provide a quick response and allow for easier tom placement.
  • The set comes fully loaded with drums, cymbals, stands, a throne and pedalseverything needed by a beginner to start playing.
  • 18″X16″, 10″x7″, 12″x8″, 14″x12″, 14″x5″
  • 9 Ply 7.2mm Poplar Shells for all Bass Drums, Toms and Snares
  • Rebel Double Braced hardware

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