DW DWSM105 Hardcore Beater with Adjustable Foam

DW DWSM105 Hardcore Beater with Adjustable Foam


DW DWSM105 Hardcore Beater with Adjustable Foam

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DW DWSM105 Hardcore Beater with Adjustable Foam

Bass drum beater with adjustable weight

Who says there’s nothing new in the world of kick drum beaters? The DW HardCore beater revolutionizes the world of kick drums. It’s so unique that DW actually patented it! How does it work? A hard plastic core is embedded in a soft foam rubber pad. When you adjust the level of contact the core has with the drum head, you can get exactly the amount of attack you want. The HardCore gives you both the response of a felt beater when you play softly, and the attack and impact of a hard plastic or wood beater when you lay into it. If you’re ready for a new experience in drumming, check out the DW HardCore kick drum beater!

For over 30 years, DW Drums has made some of the most revered drums, pedals, stands, and other drum hardware out there. It all began with an innovative adjustable trap-case seat. Not only was this the first of DW’s many breakthrough hardware designs, but it showed the world that they really understand what drumming’s all about. On top of that, DW Drums’ craftsmanship has more than set the bar for drum makers everywhere. Discover this commitment to quality for yourself in every DW drum and piece of DW hardware you buy.

DW HardCore Kick Drum Beater Features:

  • Unique hybrid design allows for both felt-type and plastic attack sounds
  • Hard plastic core is mounted inside soft foam rubber
  • Soft pedaling produces felt-type tone
  • Harder playing produces plastic-style attack transients

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