DigiTech FreqOut Frequency Dynamic Feedback Generator Pedal

DigiTech FreqOut Frequency Dynamic Feedback Generator Pedal


DigiTech FreqOut Frequency Dynamic Feedback Generator Pedal

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DigiTech FreqOut Frequency Dynamic Feedback Generator Pedal

DigiTech delivers a revolutionary new concept in feedback elimination with the FreqOut Frequency Dynamic Feedback Generator pedal. The FreqOut uses groundbreaking pitch tracking technology to target feedback frequencies as they occur, dynamically adapting in real time. Musicians can unleash their creativity without constraints, no longer needing to manage their stage position or volume to avoid feedback.

Advanced Feedback Suppression Automatically Adapts in Real Time

The FreqOut pedal employs a sophisticated pitch detection algorithm to identify feedback frequencies the instant they emerge. It then swiftly generates an inverse frequency to cancel out the feedback, allowing guitarists and bassists to push their amps to the limit without squealing or howling. Since the FreqOut responds dynamically, it can handle feedback that shifts in pitch—a capability far beyond typical fixed notch filters.

Simple, Intuitive Controls Put You in Complete Command of Your Tone

Despite its advanced technology, the FreqOut is designed for plug-and-play convenience with an intuitive interface any musician can master in seconds. The Range knob allows you to set the feedback sensitivity so the FreqOut only engages when necessary, while the ten LEDs provide visual feedback monitoring the detection of problem frequencies. Guitarists can quickly select between HI MIDS, LOW MIDS, and BASS frequency ranges to target the source of feedback.

Road-Ready Ruggedness in a Compact, Pedalboard-Friendly Enclosure

The FreqOut features a durable, lightweight aluminum built to withstand the rigors of the road. Its compact size and 9V DC power requirement mean it will fit on any pedalboard, with optional battery power for maximum portability.


  • Natural feedback at any volume
  • User selectable harmonic
  • Separate Onset and Gain controls
  • Selectable momentary or latching
  • Dry Kill
  • True Bypass
  • Power adapter sold separately

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