Cordoba Stage Thin body Nylon Acoustic-electric Guitar – Natural Amber w/Gig Bag

Cordoba Stage Thin body Nylon Acoustic-electric Guitar – Natural Amber w/Gig Bag


Cordoba Stage Thin body Nylon Acoustic-electric Guitar – Natural Amber w/Gig Bag

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Cordoba Stage Thin body Nylon Acoustic-electric Guitar – Natural Amber w/Gig Bag

A truly revolutionary instrument, the Córdoba Stage is the first nylon-string electric guitar in the celebrated brand’s history. It blends the time-tested tradition of classical guitars with cutting-edge innovation catered to the needs of live performers and studio players alike. Boasting the groundbreaking Stage Pickup System—in concert with a fully chambered, slim-profile mahogany body—it’s lightweight, impressively resonant and packed with tonal potential. Steel-string guitar players will acclimate nicely to its comfortable nut width and fast fretboard radius, for a familiar feel, while its gorgeously contoured cutaway body offers easy access to the higher frets. Pick up a nylon-string Córdoba Stage at Guitar Center and electrify your playing in a way that nothing else can.

Stage Pickup System Provides Unprecedented Control

There are many features of the Córdoba Stage that make it a trailblazer in the evolution of the nylon-string guitar, but its pioneering Stage Pickup System is atop the list. Co-developed with the expert designers at Fishman, the Stage Pickup System picks up where the Stage’s robust tonal foundation leaves off, letting players dial in their tone of choice. Its easy-to-access Volume, EQ and Body Blend knobs are intuitive. The one-knob EQ controls the amount of mid-range scoop, if any. Roll the EQ knob clockwise for a more open, airy tone with added punch—great for mixing Stage with singers or other instruments competing for mid-range frequencies. Turn it counterclockwise, and you’ll get a more neutral, present tone. The Body Blend knob controls the level of the body sensor signal, as opposed to the under-saddle pickup. When rolled clockwise, you’ll find a dynamically rich, full-bodied tone. Turned all the way counterclockwise, the body sensor signal is muted entirely, yielding a more cutting, crisp tone. Powered by a 9V battery, the Stage Pickup System opens a myriad of tonal possibilities.

Feel Your Notes Sing With a Fully Chambered Mahogany Body

The Stage has a solid, fully chambered body that yields enhanced resonance for that natural, nylon-string acoustic tone. It also makes it easier to wear on stage and transport. Three thoughtfully placed—and sharp-looking—soundholes let the Stage breathe as you play, aiding in the vibration that you can hear and feel. Córdoba Stage’s performance-friendly body shape sports a 1.5″ body thickness, scaled-down perimeter and ergonomically informed contours to make playing as relaxed, fun and versatile as you’d like. Adding to the Stage’s playability perks, its deep cutaway lets players solo beyond the traditional 10th fret mark with comfort.

Córdoba Fusion Neck Lends a Familiar Feel to Steel-String Players

Córdoba designed the Fusion Neck with a 48 mm nut width and 16″ fretboard radius, marginally thinner than most traditional nylon-string guitars, but unmistakably noticeable in terms of playing feel. Steel-string players making the transition to this nylon acoustic will find its comfort factor a huge benefit—whether on stage entertaining an audience, or in the studio meticulously hitting each note with the desired accuracy. The Stage has a form factor that’s also appealing to junior players, or those with smaller hands, as a clever choice for an introduction to the world of nylon-string guitars.

Recycled Nylon-Shell Gig Bag Provides Perfect Portability

The included recycled nylon-shell gig bag gives players a reliable, comfortable, stylish and sustainable way to transport their Córdoba Stage guitar. Its thoughtfully placed padded handles make it a cinch to carry it to and from a gig, and the durable shell keeps the Stage protected from the elements. Generously sized zippered compartments let you store small accessories and other necessities like cables, straps, sheet music and even pedals inside. It’s made from nylon fabric constructed from post-consumer waste, like microplastics and discarded fishing nets, helping to foster a better future while taking good care of your Córdoba Stage.

Seasoned gigging musicians and up-and-coming guitarists alike will appreciate the tonal versatility, comfort factor and easy use—especially in live settings—but also in the studio. The Córdoba Stage’s player-centric features in the neck and body set the playability element apart from other nylon-string guitars. And Stage’s ability to adjust bass and treble frequencies, as well as the pickup blend, is similar to changing the size and construction of a guitar, making it the ideal choice for those who love to find their sound.


  • Chambered solid mahogany body with a solid spruce top and flamed maple veneer
  • C-shaped mahogany neck
  • Pau ferro fingerboard with 22 frets
  • Fishman/Córdoba pickup system with Volume, EQ and Body Blend controls

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