Ibanez FRH10NRGF Thinline Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Rose Gold Metallic Flat

Ibanez FRH10NRGF Thinline Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Rose Gold Metallic Flat


Ibanez FRH10NRGF Thinline Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Rose Gold Metallic Flat

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Ibanez FRH10NRGF Thinline Nylon String Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Rose Gold Metallic Flat

Step into a merger of classical and contemporary with Ibanez’s Thinline Nylon Acoustic-electric guitar. Don’t be fooled by the supposed solidbody appearance of this guitar — the solid Sitka spruce top is supported with classical-style fan bracing for a touch-sensitive response that blooms and resonates with even the slightest pluck. The sapele back and sides then come into play by introducing tones brimming with balance and top-end shimmer. You’ll even have easy fingerboard access thanks to the cutaways that embellish both sides of the Thinline Nylon. Top it off with Ibanez custom electronics and an under-saddle pickup, and you have an Ibanez that strummers from all walks of life can appreciate.

Ultra-thin 50mm body

The Ibanez Thinline Nylon acoustic-electric guitar is designed with an ultra-thin 50mm body width, providing the comfortable feel and sleek playability of a solidbody with the traditional tone of a nylon string! Much of this tone comes courtesy of this guitar’s solid spruce top, supported by traditional fan bracing for a touch-sensitive response that beautifully mimics the traditional tones of a classical guitar. It’s a radically fresh take on the crossover nylon-string guitar that has Sweetwater guitarists greatly impressed.

Boundary-pushing playability

The somewhat slim “C” neck on the Ibanez Thinline Nylon is a vast departure from the massive chunk of a traditional nylon string, allowing you to fly up and down the fingerboard with ease. Next, the 1.8-inch nut width is slightly thinner than the standard two inches found on most classical guitars, providing you with plenty of space for fingerstyle playing without feeling cumbersome. Finally, while the typical nylon-string guitar has no radius, the Thinline’s walnut neck is studded with a 15.7-inch radius, a design that Sweetwater guitarists find is instantly familiar to musicians transitioning from an electric or steel-string acoustic.

Electronics ready for the stage and studio

The Thinline Nylon sounds amazing acoustically, but plug it in and you’ll be treated to excellent response from this guitar’s stunning tonewoods and Ibanez pickup. The Thinline Nylon acoustic-electric features an Ibanez T-bar under-saddle pickup that offers natural piezo-style sound with plenty of range. It’s also a great pickup for those looking for a more percussive pickup, capturing palm hits and delivering a bass drum-like response. Lastly, there’s also plenty of noise reduction to eliminate pesky overtones or buzzing; this means you’re treated to the clear, natural sound of the Thinline’s spruce top and sapele back and sides.

Ibanez Thinline Nylon Acoustic-electric Guitar Features:

  • A nylon-string guitar that merges the benefits of a classical guitar with the performance of a modern electric
  • Ultra-thin 50mm body provides an exceptionally comfortable playing experience
  • Deep cutaways for unlimited access to the upper frets
  • Solid Sitka spruce top with fan bracing imbues your tone with the touch-responsive feel of a traditional nylon string guitar
  • Sapele back and sides deliver a warm, rich tone with a hint of treble bite
  • Sturdy nyatoh neck carved into a comfortable “C” shape
  • Walnut fingerboard in a flat 15.8-inch radius for enhanced playability up and down the neck
  • Wide 1.8-inch nut width offers plenty of space between each string for fingerstyle playing
  • Ibanez Custom Electronics with a T-bar under-saddle pickup that provides natural, piezo-style sound and percussive response

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